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Louvered Vents for Doors: Providing Extra Storage Space within the Interior Cavi
Posted by amazingdoors on June 21st Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Ultra SE Canada , 2016

A louver is a framed opening in a wall, door, or window. They are often fitted with fixed, or sometimes movable horizontal slats, angled in a way to allow air and light, blocking out rain Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Mesh Canada , direct sunshine, and noise. The angle of the slats is adjustable in many cases, to increase or decrease visibility through the louver and the amount of light passing through it. Strategically placed louver vents have become commonplace in commercial and residential buildings of today, whether it is homes, commercial structures, or industrial constructions. They are found in kitchen doors Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 Essential Canada , bathroom-restroom doors, changing room doors, closet doors, laundry room doors, and various other places. Louvered vents can be conveniently fitted onto metal as well as wooden doors. Self-attaching door louvers do not require drilling holes for mounting.

Louver vents are available in many shapes and designs – circular, half round Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Woven Canada , triangle, square, and rectangle. However, square and rectangular vents are the most popular. These vents are made of different building materials and come in a variety of finishes. Aluminum and steel louver vents are quite common. Fire-rated louvers are also available in the market, and those which can withstand torrential rain and storms (impact-rated and hurricane-rated).

Louvered vents are a useful addition to doors. Their important advantages are discussed here.


Louvers are now accepted as an effective contraption for providing effective air circulation. They are a cheap, energy free mechanism in cutting down heating and cooling costs while promoting adequate ventilation. Louvered vents allow fresh air inside and let the stale air exhausts automatically. In fact Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Red Canada , they are also effective in combating build-up of mold and mildew indoors by naturally removing excess heat and moisture.

Provide Storage Space

In certain settings, louver vents also provide extra storage space within the interior cavity of the door or wall. One may place a locker or drawer in such circumstances to store small items or small pieces of clothing. When placed high on the wall, the hollow duct behind the vent can be used to store valuables. It will function as an inconspicuous hiding place for stuff that one wants to hide from prying eyes. However, one will require a ladder to reach such a height.


In addition to providing ventilation between rooms, doors with louver vents when installed in restroom doors, closet doors Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Canada , changing room doors also offer security and privacy.

Protection from Animals, Birds, and Insects

Louver vents also come with flaps which cover the entire opening to seal it from small animals and birds. Even when they are slatted, they prove to be effective in preventing squirrels and rodents. Besides, door louvers also come with a protective mesh or screen which stops insects and bugs from entering inside.


With a range of color options to choose from, door louver vents gel with all kinds of interiors. They provide contrast to the door and enhance its aesthetic appeal. Special coatings help transform a simple louver from a functional device into a useful addition that is pleasing to touch and look at.

Louver vents are the perfect addition for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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