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Empresa familiar artigos - Se você está pesquisando por artigos sobre empresas familiares brasileiras, empresas familiares no mundo, empresa rural familiar e empresa familiar, visite o Legadoefamilia.com. Aproximadamente 90% das empresas no Brasil são familiares (fonte: IBGE e SEBRAE)

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Concern of Family Business: Survival
IBGE data show that the greater the size of the company, the higher the survival rate. This is because large companies have more access to information and resources to invest in specialized professionals. However, for small and medium businesses the challenge is even greater, as well as undertake, they must also deal with other fronts in business administration (planning, management, purchasing, sales, HR, finance, tax, law, technology information, marketing, succession, etc.). However, not always this company will rely on qualified professionals to deal with so many issues.

It is noteworthy that the entrepreneur usually does not have much information when it launches in any business activity. Most of the time he experiences the problem during the development of business and do not know how to react at the right time and waste time in making decisions, which may end up compromising the success of the business.

So it is seen as critical to the success of any company familiar access and correct use of information. Besides, the lack of professionalism is the big Achilles' heel of these businesses, which worsens when the founder is no longer in charge of the company.