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Express Your Emotions with Flowers


Are you looking to send flowers in Dubai but you don’t want your flowers to convey the wrong emotions? Flowers can say too much about what you feel. A flower can say I love you, I like you, we are best friends, and you are beautiful! It just takes the right flower to express your emotions. While red roses are known for love and passion, in this article, we gathered a collection of flowers and their significance; so you know which flowers are best to express what you feel.


Tulips are famous easy to find everywhere. They look good and each color of them expresses a different meaning.

Red Tulips symbolize love and passion, a bouquet of red tulips fits perfectly to be sent for your lover not a family member and of course not a work colleague!

Purple Tulips symbolize prosperity and royalty.

Pink Tulips symbolize love but not romantically, it is perfect to be sent for family members or friends.
Yellow Tulips conveys the message that you love someone but you know they do not feel the same way towards you!

Carnations are widely known that they are the flowers of love. While there is too many colors of carnations their meanings evolve around love, admiration and fascination

White Carnations symbolize pure love and good luck

Light red Carnations are a symbol of admiration and liking someone while Dark red symbolize deep love and affection

Pink Carnations symbolize love in a different way yet the best way. It symbolize mother’s eternal love.


Orchids are the flowers of luxury. There is many shades of this flower and each of them has a different meaning which make Orchids the best gift for all times and everyone.

Purple Orchids are the symbol of respect, royalty and admiration.

Red Orchids symbolize not only passion and desire but courage and strength as well.

White Orchids are best for baby showers or baptism celebrations as they symbolize innocence, humanity and beauty.  

Pink Orchids they symbolize grace, joy and femininity. This color is famous for 14th and 28th wedding anniversaries.

Orange Orchids express pride, boldness and enthusiasm. This is the best gift to encourage someone.


Roses are the well-known symbol of passion and true love. Roses are there with different shades and each of them has a different meaning, so it is not technically about love and passion only.

White Roses are the roses of purity and innocence. They are good to be gifted for new beginnings.
Pink Roses are the symbol of admiration, joy and gratitude. They are good for the early stages of relationships.

Red Roses are defiantly a symbol of love, deep love and emotions. They are best for lovers, Valentine’s Day or to tell someone that you really love them.

Yellow Roses are mostly known for friendship and caring.

Now you should know what exactly to gift the next time you are gifting flowers. Take these info in consideration when you buy flowers online in Abu Dhabi. All the mentioned flowers are easily found in all flower shops. Or you can simply visit joi, where you can send flowers in Dubai and buy flowers online in Sharjah.