Java servlet for non-interactive processing

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Java servlet for non-interactive processing

I've published apache-licensed source code for a webapp which performs non-interactive processing.

A web app is a better approach than a command line app which exits after each run, since you don't incur Context startup time for each document.

You can find the source code at

There is also a binary available for download from

Once you've installed it in tomcat, jetty or whatever, in a browser, go to http://localhost:8080/OpenDoPE-simple-1.0.0/service/both

You should see a simple form.  There is a sample xml file and docx you can try out; get these from

On the form, tick the box if you want to see the result rendered as a web page.  I thought this would be useful for testing.  Otherwise, the server should stream a docx.

To use this as a service you'll need to POST multipart/form-data mimicking the form.

.. Jason