McAfee antivirus for PC | install mcafee with activation code

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McAfee antivirus for PC | install mcafee with activation code

McAfee antivirus for PC | install mcafee with activation code

How to install and register a retail McAfee Windows security product ?
Affected Products:
McAfee AntiVirus Plus CD, Internet Security CD
McAfee Total Protection CD Affected Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7
Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows XP

This article will help you in installing and registering your McAfee security products.

Installing McAfee security software included with a retail box

Before you begin
Check for other security applications. If you have other security software installed on your computer, remove them using the instructions provided by their product manufacturer. Removing these security applications is necessary to prevent application conflicts and degraded performance.

Check for older versions of McAfee security applications

If you have an older McAfee product on your computer that is identical to the product on your CD, you can leave the application installed. The installer for the new programs checks the installed version. If the versions are identical, the installer skips the installation and allows you to extend your subscription.

If the version of your McAfee security product is not identical to the product from your retail box, remove the current products using the instructions in TS101331, before you install the new version from the CD.

Determine which installation method to use

Use the following information to determine which installation method suits your needs:

Web installation (recommended)
Installing your McAfee security product online is the best method to use under the following conditions:

Your computer does not have a CD drive.
Your Internet connection is fast.
You are installing a multi-computer license on a second computer.

CD installation
Installing your McAfee security product from a CD is the best method to use if your computer has a CD drive, but has a slow Internet connection. This method avoids a long download time.
McAfee antivirus for PC
Solution 1
Web installation (recommended)

Open the product packaging and locate the Quick Start guide that includes an Activation/Product Key.
Open a web browser and go to the web install link on the card.
Select your country and type your Activation/Product Key.
When prompted, register as a new user or log in with your existing McAfee account credentials.NOTE: You can only use your Product Key once to register your application. If you see a message stating that the registration number has already been used, but you have not installed the product, try typing it again. If you have previously used the key, you cannot continue with the installation.
After you activate your product online, you can use the CD and follow Solution 2, or log in to and install from your McAfee Account.

If you cannot register your product, contact McAfee Customer Service using chat or phone.

McAfee antivirus for PC
Solution 2
CD installation 

Insert the McAfee CD into your CD drive.NOTE: The installer will automatically run. If it does not, run Setup.exe from the CD.
Read and agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA).
The McAfee installer starts and sometimes prompts you for input. 
If your web browser and operating system are not supported versions of the product on the CD, the installation process automatically downloads the most current version of the McAfee security product. This download requires an Internet connection and might take a long time over very slow connections.
If your web browser and operating system are supported, you have two options:
Install from files on disk or install from files online. The Download and install the latest version of your software from the web (recommended) option controls this.
Use online files is automatically selected, by default.
To install from disk, clear the checkbox. The installer installs the version that is on the CD and the product updates later.
When prompted, type your Activation/Product key from your CD.
When prompted, type your McAfee account credentials. If you do not already have a McAfee account, you can create one. Provide the requested information and continue.NOTE:
 When you create an account, you are prompted to create an account password. This password must be between 8 and 32 characters long, contain at least one letter (A-Z or a-z), one number (0-9), and cannot contain special characters (@,#,%).

Click Finish.