Path of Exile S7 new skills introduction

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Path of Exile S7 new skills introduction


Path of Exile S7 season has about a month or so, this new season will be a lot of interesting mechanisms for everyone, such as synthetic equipment, new Poe currency such as PoE Oil, broken equipment and so on. In addition to this, new skills are equally interesting. So what are the new skills in the Path of Exile S7 season? Here is the introduction of the new skills of Path of Exile S7.

What are the new skills of the Path of Exile S7? The new sacred spells include the Purifying Flame, the Wave of Conviction, and the Lightning Falls Divine Ire. The new Chaos Orbspells include Bane. , The Soul Split (Soulrend). Two new auras: Malevolence, Zealotry.

Purifying the flame: A burst of flame shock waves suddenly erupts and The Floor is created around the path.
Conviction volatility: spreads an elemental fluctuation to the front, and removes the resistance from the enemy.
Lightning Falls: Guides and captures the energy of nearby enemies, causing lightning and physical damage. When you are at the end of the guide, launch a destructive light on your front.
Destruction: Destruction casts all the cursed spells and deals with continuous damage. The more spells of the enemy, the higher the damage of this continuous damage.
The Soul split: launches a slowly moving projectile that deals fatal but transient damage to enemies around the projectile.

Skills can be combined with multiple projectiles and increased the duration to destroy large enemies.

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Re: Path of Exile S7 new skills introduction

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