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Shower Drain Cover

After a day-long tiring work or before beginning the work one tries to freshen itself with a simple shower. But this shower experience becomes all disgusting when the shower drain becomes clogged with the cluster of hair and lumps of soap and hence starts oozing out all of the filth through the shower drain. Not only the smell that is repulsive but also the germs and bacteria have it brought along with it. In order to avoid such situation shower drain cover are preferably used all around the world so that the shower drain remain working effectively and efficiently.

Most of the time shower drain comes along a cover. But if your shower drain is not covered with a shower drain cover and is prone to the debris that can fell into the shower drain and cause clogging then it is in the best interest of the user to invest in screens of other shower drain cover to avoid the clogging of the shower drain. If the drain already has a shower drain cover but it happens to have a larger hole through which debris can easily pass then all you have to do is to cover it with a cover that has smaller holes. If this not then replace the whole cover altogether with such shower drain cover which has appreciably small holes through which only minute debris and water can be filtered. People with long hair might find this tip quite helpful.

Another way to prevent the shower drain to get clogged is to clean the shower drain cover on regular basis like after taking shower clean the cover for the accumulated hair and chunks of conditioner or the lotions. Not only this one can clean the shower drain once in a week by unscrewing the shower drain covering and cleaning the drain for the accumulated debris beneath it that in return is causing the hindrance in water flow.

If the cleaning part of the shower drain cover is neglected then it can end up in clogging of shower drain for sure. in such case remove the shower drain cover by unscrewing it and then poking in an unbent wire hanger that is hooked at the end so that it can fish out any blocked debris that is causing hindrance in the water flow of shower drain. For fishing out, debris plunger can also act as a helpful tool. If both the plunger and the unbent wire hanger fail to produce the desired result then all that is to be done is to pour in a liquid solution that is specially designed to remove such blockade in the shower drain and are used exclusively for showers and tubs. If the liquid fails in removing the hindrance then go for a drain snake that is readily available at home and hardware stores. The drain snake is a thin long tube that can sink in easily in the drain pipes of the shower drain and can remove the blockages there. If this method also does not work then definitely call a plumber. Visit to get more idea about shower drain and get a great deal when buying.