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Walk in Tubs Pros and Cons:

We've put together some basic pros of walk in bathtubs for your perusal. These obviously vary from person to person - for instance some people may not consider cost a negative factor Edinson Cavani Jersey , whilst for others, if their insurance can't cover a new tub they won't look any further. We try to find solutions to all your seniorization obstacles, and we hope that this list will help you weigh up your own thoughts on walk in tubs' limitations and advantages.

Small step-in means big rewards

With walk-in tubs boasting 1" - 5" step-in thresholds, you get back your dignity. No more chairs in the tub, or putting your "strongest leg first". Bathing should be relaxing Kylian Mbappe Jersey , not an assault course of tactics and strategies. Easy-access baths mean aging in place with dignity and grace.


Bathrooms are well known and proven to be the most dangerous part of the home. And it's not just senior citizens that this is relevant to. On average 235,000 Americans visit emergency rooms due to accidents that occurred in the bathroom, and 9.8% of these accidents happen when getting out of the bath or shower. This means walk-in tubs are a safe alternative to all ages, and can be a great addition to multi-generation homes. Certainly, your grandchildren will think it's a wonderful invention!


We can't stress this enough. Hydrotherapy is such a good alternative to painkillers Thiago Silva Jersey , it reduces muscle tension, rehabilitates injured muscles, boosts your immune system, encourages detoxification, and relieves stress. It's not mumbo-jumbo - these are all proven and professionally endorsed statements.

While a good soak in a standard lie-down tub is good Paris Saint-Germain FC Jersey , total submergence in temperature-optimized air and bubble jets that massage your muscles and joints is always going to be a better bet. Even if you're already going to hydrotherapy or aqua physiotherapy sessions at the local pool, a walk-in tub will speed up your recovery time and ensure that you don't have any accidents that could reverse your progress.


It's really hard to find cons to walk in tubs when they're so well researched, designed, and manufactured. Concerns over leaking doors or getting cold whilst waiting for the water to fill or drain have been acknowledged and dealt with. Now only one legitimate concern remains for walk-in tub browsers:


As we've already mentioned, the cost can be a downside for some potential walk-in tubbers. A walk-in tub with all the bells and whistles can easily cost over $10 Juan Mata Jersey ,000, and once you've discovered all the possible features and models you're probably not interested in a basic economy access tub. But as with all senior home improvements, you have to prioritize need above want. If you need a low step-in tub, then that's the bottom line. The fancy features are just bonuses when you can't bathe properly for fear of slipping in the bath. If you need a walk-in tub, but don't have a big budget Anthony Martial Jersey , take a look at our guide to financing your easy-access tub.

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