how to protect the hair

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how to protect the hair


you can also apply a moisturizing oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, on your laps. in order to maximize hydration, it is also possible to put a bathing cap. even if it is not very hot, your hair will slowly out of the pool.

to keep hair healthy in spite of chlorine and lime in the water, we should protect them. there is also sun care specifically. us to manes. some protection from uv rays, sunlight exposure, and chlorine. in the form of a cream, gel, spray, or they have the same virtues that sunscreen for the skin. very practical, can be used to the beach and swimming pool. before going for a dip, spray the product on the hair.

 in order to maximize the impact of care, we also apply after bathing. but the most important thing is always to wash her [b][url=]glueless lace wigs[/url][/b] hair at the end of the day. it is necessary to eliminate the maximum residual chlorine and lime.