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Ultra Slim Down Count on your family to help you through the toughest times and to celebrate with you when you reach your goals. Include your family in your goals from the start, tell them what your plans and goals are. Being able to count on people who accept you as you are is a great incentive not to give up.  Recruit a friend Jessie Pavelka recommends that you find a friend to start with you. When you have one more person going through the same things and problems, it is easier to overcome them. If you have problems with food and can't give up on some things, having a friend with you to keep you in line is a good choice. Also, if you are in this together, you will give each other more motivation, and you are less likely to give up because you don't want to disappoint each other. So when you think of giving up, look back and see how far you have come. Motivation is an extremely personal thing that you need to pursue everyday. It can come from many different sources, but you should get it daily. 10. Forget the quick formulas Weight loss and having a healthy life are not things that you achieve in the blink of an eye. You should pursue a healthy lifestyle, starting slowly until your body and mind get used to the new version of you. It may take a while, and you may need patience, but the end results are worth it. Being overweight is never healthy, we already know that. However, unweighted weight loss through crazy diets is equally harmful to health. A diet is never a simple thing to follow. Deprivation of the great pleasure of food is always the great challenge. In this quest to lose weight, several ideas are emerging, all in order to complement the diet. Studies Confirm the Effectiveness of Food Diaries Some experts suggest that you create a food diary so that you are less likely to lose focus, after all there will be a record of everything you have consumed. A food diary can be an incentive to eat less. Studies show that people who maintain this routine of recording what they have eaten are more likely to succeed in losing weight by losing more pounds in less time. It is clear that following this suggestion requires that the person be disciplined and focused.