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The good news is, the human eye filters out over 95% of UV light before it reaches the retina, the bad news; only a tiny amount of blue-violet light is filtered out. This is where the science comes into play. Between 380-440nm blue light has been scientifically proven to be harmful to the eye and is a possible cause of photoretinitis.

In addition to this, studies also show that blue light affects our hormone balance. Natural daylight induces production of serotonin and cortisol within our bodies, making us feel awake and active. During the day this is a welcome effect, however as evening approaches the blue light given off by computer screens and electronic devices can interrupt your sleep patterns and greatly disrupt your circadian rhythm.

Without realising it, blue light from screens and other sources can increase tiredness in some and increase restless behaviour and feelings of insomnia before bedtime. In low light levels, our eyes switch to be more sensitive to light in the blue spectrum, meaning we can perceive more glare. Not only can blue-light filters ease this sensation , they can also result in more comfortable vision overall with less strain on your eyes.

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