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HAVANA David Johnson Jersey , Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese Embassy in Cuba on Thursday hosted a ceremony to celebrate the 68th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, which falls on Sunday.

Chinese ambassador to Cuba Chen Xi said China has achieved a considerable success for its people since 1949.

""We have achieved a stable and consecutive development of the national economy in all areas and we have greatly improved the living standards of all our people,"" said the ambassador.

In front of some 400 guests, Chen said that in the past year, China successfully met world challenges and made new progress.

""During the first half of the year the economy registered a 6.9-percent growth while the high-tech sector and emerging industries have made significant contributions to the development of the country Pat Tillman Jersey ,"" he said.

In the international arena, the ambassador said, China remains a builder of world peace and an advocate of global development.

""We advocate fostering a community of shared destiny, we propose the construction of new international relations characterized by cooperation and mutual benefit and we persist in the equality of all countries, regardless of their size Cheap Cardinals Hat , power and level of development,"" he said.

Regarding bilateral relations whose 57th anniversary was commemorated on Thursday, Chen said that during these years, political and economic ties between the two countries have been strengthening ever more.

""In recent years, under the attention of President Xi Jinping and President Raul Castro Cheap Cardinals T-Shirts , political trust between China and Cuba has intensified and exchanges and cooperation have deepened in all areas,"" he said.

The Chinese ambassador also expressed the sympathy of the Chinese government and people after the devastating Hurricane Irma devastated the island two weeks ago.

""The Chinese government decided to offer a package of humanitarian aid to those affected by the hurricane,"" he said.

The reception was attended by Secretary General of the Cuban Workers' Union and member of the Communist Party Political Bureau Ulises Guilarte, Minister of Energy and Mines Alfredo Lopez, and acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcelino Medina Cheap Cardinals Hoodie , among other government officials.

China launches three satellites

Lanzhou-Chongqing railway to open to traffic on Sept. 29

Large flower terrace gleams on Tian'anmen Square in Beijing

Int'l aquatic-speed competition kicks off in China's Guangxi

Four pandas from SW China make debut in NE China's Shenyang

Modern manufacturing, transport help six Chinese provinces develop fast

A look at Kantuman Bazaar in China's Xinjiang

Scenery of terraced fields in Houyuan Village, China's Fujian


What Is A Healthy Low Carb Diet

With all the adverse publicity on high protein low carb diet, how do you know what is a healthy diet to follow?

The new diet research says that rather than just limiting the amount of carbohydrates in your diet, you should be looking to eat only those that have a low GI index. The GI Index measures the speed at which glucose is released into your blood stream following consumption of a specific food. If you do not use all the glucose you consume Custom Cardinals Jersey , your body converts it to fat and stores it. Not ideal when you are trying to lose weight.

So how do you know if a food is low GI or not? Most supermarkets have now started coding their foods so you should be able to see from the packet. The foods that you would normally avoid on a diet also tend to be high GI i.e. cakes, biscuits, white bread, white pasta etc.

The good news is that chocolate is a low GI food but this doesn鈥檛 mean that you can eat loads of it! Avoid any added sugar based ingredients and opt for a plain bar of dark chocolate if you want to treat yourself.

Barley, quinoa Cheap Cardinals Jerseys , new potatoes and yams are all low GI foods so would be good staples for your healthy low carbohydrate diet. Apples, dried apricots, citrus fruits, plums and tomatoes are all good low GI fruits but avoid Watermelons, peaches and bananas.

You should increase the quantity of water you drink especially as most slimmers increase the amount of fiber in their diet by eating more vegetables. You should aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking water helps to lose weight as we often misunderstand our body  signals and eat when in fact we are thirsty.

When you are trying to follow a healthy low carb diet Brandon Williams Cardinals Jersey , it is useful to watch your portion size. As a nation, we are used to consuming large portions of everything. Reducing the size of our meals will help you to lose weight as will eating a little and often rather than one large meal a day.

Never skip breakfast as countless studies have shown that you re likely to consume more calories later in the day than you save by not eating this important meal. Eating soup 鈥?the old fashioned kind not the instant microwaveable variety, will help to keep your energy levels stable and lead to less cravings.

Drink skimmed instead of full fat milk. Eat low fat yogurts but watch for hidden sugars and sweeteners. Keep alcohol intake to a minimum as not only does it contain empty calories but also lowers our inhibitions leading us to eat the wrong foods.

Keep yourself busy. We often eat due to boredom rather than hunger. Get moving every day to increase the amount of energy you consume. Reducing your food consumption while increasing your activity will help you lose weight as will following a healthy low carbohydrate diet.

For more information, browse youth group ideas , also look at sermons on grace.

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