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superlux hd668b headphones - If you are looking to buy the best DJ Headphones in the UK then visit at The Superlux HD668B headphones are an excellent choice for a wide range of audio listening tasks and applications. Its sound quality meets the demands of even professional recording studios.

Visit Here:-

Superlux Studio Headphones HD681EVO - Professional Monitoring Semi Open (White)

Our Superlux Professional Monitoring Studio Headphones will take your music, recording or gaming to the next level!
Snapshot Features
Over the Ear Semi-Open Studio Headphones
DJ & Home Recording - Acoustic design
Self-adjusting Headband provides Best Fit
Aural design provides natural sound
For Stage & Studio Professional Recording
Improved, Smoother & Natural Sound
Crystal clear High Resolution
Accurate sound field positioning
Leather EarPad
2 x Detachable Single Sided Cables (1m & 3m)
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Re: superlux hd668b headphones

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