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— by Jason Harrop Jason Harrop
Alexis V. wrote
1. I cannot edit a bound text area.
By this you mean you can't alter the text in the content control after it has been bound? You should be able to .. if you change the text, the corresponding element in your XML should alter accordingly.  

Seems like something might be wrong eg the corresponding XML element (ie whatever your XPath points at) is missing.  (Did you delete it?)

Alexis V. wrote
2. When I right click on a bound area and select "Remove Content Control". The binding seems to  be removed. I say seems because when you open the customXml\item4.xml (in the package) the xpath element is still present.
"Remove Content Control" is a Word feature, and it sounds like it is working as advertised.  The xpath element is an OpenDoPE specific thing - I guess the Add-In could offer to remove it, but the current version doesn't do that.  Its continued presence is harmless.

cheers .. Jason