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How to set the od:xpath for html content
— by testuser testuser
How to set the od:xpath to xHtmlPropertyData&od:ContentType=application/xhtml+xml.  I need to insert html content using content control data binding method.
I added a new binding variable and binded the <address> node's xpath to it. The content of the address node is html value. The document.xml didn't have od:path as od:xpath=xHtmlPropertyData&od:ContentType=application/xhtml+xml.

My xml node is

   <lastname>my last name</lastname>
   <firstname>my First name</firstname>
      <h1>my address, city, state. </h1>

I am listing the steps I followed to add a html custom node using opendope add in.

1) Opened the word document.
2) clicked on OpenDope ribbon
3) Clicked on Bind this text.
4) Entered a text and clicked on Bind This button in the task pane.
5) Pasted my custom xml. Clicked on the Address node.
6) Gave an xpath id and clicked on Use this xPath button.
7) Saved the document.
8)Opened the document.xml to see if the contentType is set to xhtml, but didn't find it.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.