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held with rather discreet hairpins
— by wigshumanhair wigshumanhair
Once the roots are crimped, select some wicks and wrap them on themselves to gather them in the back of your head. These locks must not be plated, it is necessary to maintain a certain volume at the level of the hairstyle to remain faithful to the spirit of the time.

Step 3:
The locks gathered at the back should be held with rather discreet hairpins. They must all be installed in the same place. At the nape of the neck, let out several strands to stay in the spirit of a "soft" [b][url=]lace front wigs uk[/url][/b] hairstyle.

Step 4:
All around the face, bring out highlights of your hairstyle [b][url=]buy full lace wig uk[/url][/b] to give a "fuzzy" effect but worked at all. Finish by spraying a cloud of hairspray for a long-lasting hold.