with a rubber band on wet hair

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with a rubber band on wet hair

with a rubber band on wet hair, it is a big hair on the forehead and ending with five, not too tight, and allow to dry and, if possible, for a whole night.
with a couple of pins, again with wet hair, make big five we wrap in snails kept in pins, without being too perfectionist and does not hold too tight.

a curling iron, after a careful thermoprotecteur and dried your hair upside down to take off the hair root, the need to use a curling iron with a large diameter. with four or five big hair, around the body from the mid length by avoiding the winding heads, starting with the lowest. this will create a small cartoon loops and over a longer period.

with velcro rollers on wet hair [b][url=https://www.lacewigsbuy.co.uk/]human hair wigs [/url][/b], the rolls are installed vertically, with locks, not too thick. a little spray on hair, and let dry before the break and the hair curls with your fingers.

when the elastic and bobby pins or hair removed, cooled after a meeting of the curling iron, it is through the loops so that they are sensitive, they are not healthy and beautiful english. for this, the brush or comb, only fingers are out, can give a result blur, fragmented, but perfectly in place.
how do we have?